When implementing a project using the BIM-method, a virtual 3D model of the building is created, which serves as a basis for presenting information and a reliable basis for decision-making and forecasts. To do this, all relevant data are recorded digitally, linked and modeled. In this way, the impact of changes on quality, cost, time and environment is modeled, evaluated and optimized during planning, construction and operation.

As architects and engineers, we have a comprehensive understanding of the systems of constructing the aboveground and underground facilities, transport systems. Of the many projects, we are familiar with the wishes of developers, designers and entrepreneurs and can create BIM-models for your project that are suitable for the construction phase.

  • Needs analysis: we intensively study your expectations from the project and create an individual BIM-model for you.
  • Digitalization: we create high-quality BIM-models that correspond to the latest state of knowledge/development. In addition, we link industry-specific and project-specific attributes and, thus,  increase the content of the model.

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